A little about me

First of all welcome! I am your typical middle aged midwesterner in most regards. Day job as an electrician, but traveling, and barbecue are what interest me. My wife and I are always planning our next trip. whether that be a weekend in Kansas City, a week in the mountains in Colorado, or exploring coastal Maine in the fall, we love it all. We have a goal of visiting every national park in the US, so far we have gotten to six in about 3 years. National parks are a true treasure in my opinion. The pandemic has definitely made it challenging to travel, but we have done our best to go where we can while still following travel restrictions and health guidelines. My wife is the researcher for most aspects of trip. I just take pictures, and find the barbecue spots along the way. I am by no means a photographer, but I do my best with whatever iPhone I have at the time. I am an Apple guy. Barbecue is something that I have found myself exploring more and more. Barbecue is very regional in styles, but all have their appeal when cooked properly. I try my best to immolate pitmasters from across the country in my backyard. Some days I actually do pretty well. I joke with my wife that she only loves me because I can cook. Good barbecue is so simplistic, but so hard to perfect. A good fire and a quality piece of meat can make magic together. Go explore, eat some barbecue, and appreciate the adventure.

The Traveling Bbqer

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