Barbecue lineup

I have slowly built up my barbecue arsenal over the past few years, much to my wife’s dismay. I started off on a traditional beginner smoker, a Weber smokey mountain 22in, the big guy. It was a nice cooker, got my feet wet, and started me down the barbecue path. I sold the weber after about eight months and stepped up into a pellet smoker. A Yoder Smokers ys-640 on a competition cart to be exact. It is an amazing cooker that still holds it place in the lineup. The convenience of a pellet smoker, and one as quality as the Yoder is makes it a star around our house. From smoking briskets, to searing steaks, the ys-640 can do it, and do it well. After a few years of only having the pellet smoker I decided I needed some varity in my cooking life so I added a pit barrel cooker. A charcoal smoker/grill with a small footprint but a lot of cooking space if you use their hook and hang method. You can cook eight racks of ribs on a smoker that takes up less space than most trash cans. That is impressive. It imparts great flavor, and is mostly a set it and forget it style cooker. In todays world of outdoor cooking it seems it is a must to have a pizza oven, I went cheap on this one, an Ooni III. A great little portable pizza oven, that is fueled by pellets. And now for the newest addition to my cooking family. The holy grail, an offset stick burner. Once again I went with Yoder smokers, a loaded Wichita model. It is an absolute tank, weighing in at 591 lbs according to Yoders website. I currently only have a few cooks on it, but I am truly loving the hands on process it requires. That is all of them for now, that is right wife I said for now lol. One day I hope to towing a 1000 gallon Fatstack or Primitive Pits to a pop up event, but for now I am very happy with my collection of cookers. I have more than I ever thought I would that is for sure. I am new to this blogging thing so bare with me at first, I will get better, and we will go into more detail on cookers and why I bought from the companies I did. Thank you, the Traveling BBQer

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