Bramble Cafe

Saturday morning we decided to “travel” a bit north of Park City Kansas to grab a quick coffee and breakfast at Elderslie Farm. More specifically at their Bramble Cafe. The Bramble Cafe only offers outdoor seating so it is only open part of the year. My intention was to just grab a pastry and coffee, but after looking at the menu I had to try their biscuits and gravy. B.&Gs have always been a favorite of mine and the Bramble Cafes did not disappoint. The biscuits were soft and fluffy, and the homemade sausage gravy was perfectly peppered for my taste. If you do not like a lot of pepper these may not be for you, you better stick with the pastries. We tried the blackberry lemon scone, and sea-salt chocolate chip cookie (why not right?). The scone was very good, not overly sweet (which I like) soft and flaky. We have had the blackberry linzer tart a few times in the past and it is a must try. They offer endless coffee, and have two different local coffees to choose from, Reverie and Local roasters. I went with the Reverie brew, black as usual. Check out the Bramble Cafe menu

Elderslie Farm has a fine dining restaurant that focuses on fresh locale ingredients. The menu changes with seasons, and availability of ingredients. We have not had the chance to try the fine dining in person, but during the pandemic we were a frequent of their weekly meals they offered one night a week. We had many Friday night take home meals and they were all very good. Our favorite was a mushroom beef stroganoff. Honestly that stroganoff might have been the most surprising and delicious thing I have gotten from a restaurant. It was absolute perfection. The deserts that went along with the meals were all great, from the shortcake, to chocolate mousse, to homemade Ice cream, and everything in-between. They have opened their patio to appetizers and wine offerings. Here is a link to the current fine dining menu

Their Creamery offers their cheeses, and charcuterie. Early spring you can also bring your kids out to “meet the kids”.

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