Delano Barbecue Company, Wichita KS

I am no stranger to Delano Barbeque Company, I have eaten lunch there periodically over the last few years. Knowing I would be leaving for central Texas in a couple of days I switched up my order. I chose the two meat dinner with sweet heat pulled pork, and sloppy joe (chopped brisket). It comes with two sides, I selected smoked Mac and cheese and fries. It comes with a drink, and my total was around $13, not bad at all.

Food was ready quick, and I was ready to eat. Lets start with the sides. the fries are hand cut, and seasoned with what I am guess is some of their rub. That is a nice touch in my opinion, it is a great way to incorporate the bbq flavor into the sides. They crispy and were very good dipped in the mild sauce on the table. The smoked Mac and cheese was your typical Mac and cheese, nothing really stood out about it. There was no smoke taste to it, which was kind of disappointing.

Now lets get down to business, the meats. The sweet heat pulled pork had a unique flavor. There was a little heat in the pork, it was tender, and flavorful. Overall it was good, and nice change from the usual pulled pork. The mild sauce paired well with it, and balanced out the heat in the pork. The chopped brisket sloppy Joe mixture was good, but it belongs on a bun. The brisket was very finely ground and is hard to tell that is brisket. This would make a very good sloppy Joe, but it was a little much for me on its own. I will say this was an usual order for me, I would usually order sliced brisket so maybe that is why it really didn’t do it for me.

Delano district

Overall I would give my meal that day a 3.5. Good overall, but nothing that made me think I have to get this again. If you find yourself in the Delano district shopping, or going to a game at riverfront stadium stop at Delano Barbeque Company and give it a try for yourselves and let me know your thoughts.

The Traveling BBQer

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